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Request access to a Special Collection

Use this form to request access to a Special Collection.

Appointments of a maximum 3 hours duration are available Monday to Friday, 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm in the Special Collections Viewing Room, Room 354.1.016, South Wing Level 1 in the Geoffrey Bolton Library.

After placing your request, you will receive an email confirming your appointment and directions to the Viewing Room.
Please note: 24 hours prior notice must be given if you need to cancel an appointment.

Access to GALAWA
Bookings to access the Gay and Lesbian Archives Western Australia (GALAWA) can only be made for Thursdays between 1-4pm. All other times are unavailable for access to this collection. Thank you for your cooperation.


By continuing, you agree to the 'Terms and Conditions' and 'Copyright Declaration'

Terms & Conditions and Copyright Declaration

Murdoch University Special Collections include printed items, manuscripts, ephemera, memorabilia and realia. These items are irreplaceable and sometimes quite fragile. The following conditions of use and information about copying materials ensure that these items are preserved appropriately and available for future generations of researchers.

Conditions of use

  • No food or drink is to be consumed in the Special Collections Viewing Room.
  • Please ensure that your hands are clean and free from hand lotions and moisturisers.
  • In some instances you will be asked to use gloves to handle the items for their protection, these will be provided.
  • All materials must rest on the table when being examined. Staff can supply book rests, cushions or supports to safely support items while being viewed. If an item is tightly bound do not use force to open it.
  • Archival integrity must be maintained e.g. filed documents etc. must be kept in the order in which they arrive; do not remove clips or otherwise separate items.
  • Pencils only to be used in proximity to items. All other writing instruments are forbidden.
  • Items should not be leaned on, traced over, or used as a support for writing.
  • No notes or other marks are to be made on items; paper slips are available to flag a page if necessary. Post-it notes are forbidden.
  • Photographs of items are permitted. Scanning of items is by special request only.


Information about copying materials

  • The Copyright Act 1968 permits Fair Dealing for Research and Study (s.49); this allows an individual to copy, or request someone else to copy, one chapter or ten percent of a book, or one article from any one issue of a journal or other serial item.
  • More than one chapter of a book may be copied if it is out of copyright, out of print, or otherwise unavailable.
  • More than one article may be copied from the same issue of a journal if they are all required for the same research or course of study.
  • Under The Copyright Act 1968 Preservation Exception (ss. 113H, 113J, 113K) material can be used for the preservation of a collection and for ‘in library’ research. This means a preservation copy may be made available to researchers for private use only and cannot be published or shared online.


Copyright Declaration

I declare that:

  • The material requested by me complies with the provisions of The Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) as above.
  • I will not use the material for any purpose other than my own research or study.
  • I have not previously been supplied with a copy of this material by an authorised officer of this library.
  • I will not make any portion of this work available publicly online, including the publishing of HDR thesis in the Murdoch University Institution Repository, without express permission from the copyright owner.